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Charlie 2015 – Malayalam Movie Review

Charlie, directed by Martin Prakkat, is a visual and musical treat. The performances are delightful, and the inquisitive romance captivates the audience. This Malayalam film stars Shruti Haasan, Ashwini Iyer, Sujatha Paul, and Vikram Sebastian. Charlie is a must-see for lovers of cinema and music alike! Whether you’re a newbie to the Malayalam film industry or an avid film buff, this movie is a must-see for the whole family.


Malayalam filmmaker Martin Prakkat has made another uplifting family film with the young cast of Charlie. Though the storyline is similar to Charlie’s, it still has strong threads of love and compassion. The cast is strong, too. Here’s a brief review of Charlie. Let’s take a look at the film’s main characters: Dulquer, Parvathy, and Charlie.

Charlie’s enemies are social injustices and are guilty of their own actions. He’s a strange, wacky character, but ultimately has good intentions. He helps sick people and escape the torment of little devils. Unlike his enemies, Charlie’s behavior is a model of selflessness and goodness. As a result, his plight relates to the life of Jesus Christ.


The storyline of Charlie 2015 is very interesting, especially as a love triangle develops between two men who are seemingly incompatible. In the film, we are introduced to Tovino (who plays the lead character), Aparna Gopinath (who plays a philosopher lost in love), and KPAC Lalitha (who plays the role of an inspiring grandmother). Chemban Vinod’s baritone narration is perfect, and the cinematography of Jomon T. John creates some breath-taking visuals.

The storyline of Charlie is a touching one that is filled with a positive vibe. Actors Dulquer Salman and Parvarthy both deliver charming performances, and the screenplay contains plenty of raw emotions. The visuals are very beautiful, and the enchanting music score from Gopi Sunder adds soul to the film. Overall, the film is a feel good movie with a lovely cast.


The cinematography in Charlie’s Angels is a highlight of the movie, using striking sights, saturated colors of fort kochi, and striking costumes to create a compelling film. Sadly, the film fails to make a lasting impression. Though it’s a beautiful film, the Cinematography doesn’t live up to the film’s star-studded cast.

The film begins with the director trying to establish something. Tessa rents an artistic room, dresses up in costumes, and begins filming. Soon, the audience gets to know the character of Charlie and his love story with Mary, played by Nedumudi Venu. This film features some outstanding cinematography. If you’re looking for a memorable Malayalam movie this year, the Cinematography of Charlie is one of its highlights.

Sound design

The sound design in Charlie is exceptional. The score is rich and resonant, a joy to hear and watch. The cinematography is equally impressive. The film’s cinematography is a triumph of fusion, with a rich palette of colors and vivid textures. The costumes are beautifully done. But, it’s the story that will leave audiences in awe and begging for more.

As with many modern Malayalam films, the sound design is a key element to the overall experience. Set in Kerala and surrounded by areca nut plantations, the audio-visual spectacle creates a taut atmosphere. It also snaps often, adding a new layer of complexity to the film’s story. In a sense, it feels like a dream.


Malayalam film ‘Narrating Charlie’ has many layers. While the leading ladies, Paravathy Menon and Soubin Shaheer, give excellent performances, the main character, Dulquer Salmaan, blends seamlessly into the role of Charlie. The Malayalam film industry is known for its unconventional story telling techniques and this film is no different. Narrating Charlie is a magical film that is well worth a watch.

The film is not universally appealing, but it will surely appeal to fans of the intrepid. In fact, the film feels slightly commercial at times, and director Martin Prakkat has perhaps been doubtful about the audience’s ability to comprehend the film’s meanings. However, he could have added subtle artistry to the story to make it feel more natural. After all, a movie like this is not a soap opera, so don’t go in expecting a high-quality film.



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