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How much is too much in your daily diet?

Nowadays, people are trying out healthy diet options more than ever. It is a great thing, and there is no bad in wanting a good body for yourself. But, the problem starts when someone has no idea regarding a balanced diet, body needs, nutrient ratios and yet keeps trying different diet charts online. It is a waste of time and money and harmful for your body.


How much do I Need?


Before you start a diet or restrict your daily food intake, you have to set a goal for yourself first. If you are looking forward to losing some weight, then a low carbohydrate-containing diet is good for you. But, if you are in the healthy weight group, then only toning is enough.


So, a normal carbohydrate or low carbohydrate with high protein content diet is a good option for you. Sometimes it is essential to take a break from our regular diet plans and cleanse our system.



Cleansing diet.

You have to understand that a cleansing diet means giving your body enough time to metabolize the end products and excrete them effectively from the body. So, it is a temporary diet. If you try to continue a cleansing diet for more than seven days, it can cause derogatory effects on your health permanently.



Keto diet

The Keto diet is the new craze in the health and fitness community. Most people want to lose weight fast without doing any exercise. And the keto diet is an ideal option for these candidates. Here, the consumer cuts down their carbohydrate intake from very low to nill and loses weight quickly. Some people lose about twenty kilograms a month with the keto diet regimen.


Cons of the keto diet


Our body, especially the brain, runs on glucose, the simplest form of carbohydrate. So, our brain needs a constant supply of glucose to run the other body functions well. When you shift to complete keto, you will receive less than a hundred grams of carbohydrate, and it will switch on the anaerobic glycolysis cycle.


Anaerobic glycolysis is the alternative metabolic pathway of our body that burns keto acid instead of glucose to make energy. So, your brain gets less glucose, and the neurons start to die. Once a neuron dies, it will never regenerate, and your brain’s cognitive functions will reduce forever.



High protein diet

Most bodybuilders cherish a six-pack body with hard abs and clearly defined muscles. It is possible to obtain with regular exercise and a high protein diet. So, most people go to extreme limits to achieve their goals. You may see people trying to consume ten eggs a day or two kilograms of meat at one meal. It is a highly unhealthy diet plan, and it may increase the muscle bulk for the time being, but soon it will collapse the vital systems of your body.


Cons of high protein

Protein is the building block of our body and an essential part of our life. But, our metabolic pathways cannot break down protein immediately. So, it will need an alternative pathway to convert the protein to glucose first. Also, high levels of protein are dangerous for our kidneys.


Proteins have a negative charge that is tough to pass through the glomerular membrane of the kidney. So, if you are on a high protein diet, you are at more risk of acute renal shutdown or chronic kidney diseases than other people.




We can see that too much of anything can be bad for your health. So, it is not wise to start any diet plan without consulting your doctor.



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