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Is Russell Wilson Cheating? Ciara Westberg’s Relationship With Russell Wilson Is Under the Microscope

Russell Wilson has been accused of cheating on his wife, but has never addressed the accusations. He’s also been accused of rape. However, his wife has been silent about the allegations. A former girlfriend of Russell Wilson filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him in 2016. The judge awarded her $5 million, which included one year in jail and other damages. If Wilson is cheating on his wife, it’s time to get back at her.

The alleged cheating allegations come from a Twitter account maintained by a woman named Reina Westberg. Reina Westberg has over 32K followers and allegedly engaged in a Twitter argument with another woman. These tweets have prompted speculation about Russell’s relationship with Westberg, but the young woman who made the accusations should have kept her mouth shut. Fans of Russell Wilson are acting as though he’s unfaithful, but that’s not the case. He’s married to singer Ciara, and she’s reportedly pregnant.

Ciara Westberg’s relationship with Russell Wilson is also under the microscope. The alleged cheating scandal has sparked a feud between Wilson and Future. If he’s cheating on his wife, the papparazi would have found out by now and Future would have rubbed it right in Ciara’s face. So, is Russell Wilson cheating? Will Ciara and Future’s feud make the public more suspicious?

If Wilson is cheating on his wife, Ciara may be the culprit. While Ciara and Future’s relationship was reportedly rocky, the two married in July 2016. The couple had been dating for over a year before the marriage. In April 2017, Wilson and Ciara welcomed their first child together, named Sienna. Despite the allegations, Wilson and Ciara haven’t lost touch. In February 2020, Wilson shared his excitement at the prospect of adding a new member to the family. He even admitted that he spoils Ciara when she’s pregnant.

The alleged relationship between Wilson and Meem dates back to before he got drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in round three of the 2012 NFL draft. Meem and Wilson met in high school, where she was a star athlete. In 2011, they were dating and he moved to Wisconsin. In January 2012, Wilson proposed to Meem in a hotel room. The proposal was secret, as Meem’s parents had to wait outside the hotel for the ceremony.

If Russell Wilson is indeed cheating, it is unclear what the reason is. He has been drafted in the NFL after all, but his contract with the team carried over. The money Wilson received from his contract with the Seahawks was carried over to the Broncos after his release. Assuming the NFL doesn’t see this as cheating, it’s hard to believe that he’d cheat on his wife.

Russell Wilson’s recent relationship with Ciara has prompted a series of rumors. First, a rumor claiming that Wilson was cheating on his wife appeared on Twitter. It was also rumored that Wilson was seeing the wife of Golden Tate, and it turned out that she’s married to a bobsled star, Lolo Jones. Russell’s former wife Ashton Meem filed for divorce in 2014, while Ciara split with Future in 2014. After the two divorced, they got back together in 2016, and the pair have three children together.



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