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Next-gen Robotic Knee Replacement at Apollo Hospital

Robotic assisted surgery/Robotic surgery has greatly improved surgeons’ ability to do procedures with increased accuracy and precision. The Robotic Knee Replacement Program was first introduced in Bangalore by Apollo Hospitals, which has since completed more than 200 robot-assisted partial and total knee replacement surgeries.

The Navio Surgical System, a cutting-edge robotic surgical tool, is being used in Apollo’s robotic knee replacement program to provide patients with partial or total knee replacement therapy. An innovative computer program that transmits exact information about the knee with 3D real-time imaging and haptic technology by using Navio Robotic system. For both total and partial knee replacement, accuracy in bone cutting and better implant positioning with perfect alignment results in motion that is very similar to that of the natural knee.

Dr. Shiva Reddy, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Bangalore says, “With the exponential advancements in technology Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery is going to be the future of the medical sector. Robotic systems work in sync with a surgeon’s skilled hands to obtain the exact positioning of knee implants as per each patient’s different and unique anatomy. This extra layer of precision helps improve the feel, longevity and function of the knee implant thereby making sure of better success rates”.

Who would be an ideal candidate for Robotic Knee Replacement?

According to Dr. Shiva Reddy, anyone who requires a knee replacement can undergo this procedure. Robotic knee replacement surgery is recommended by Apollo doctors over conventional procedures since it is thought to be a far superior technology to achieve accurate positioning of the implant and balancing of the knee to improve patients’ outcome. Patients receive pre-counselling sessions at the time of admission and before the procedure, patients are advised on the robotic and joint knee replacement programs.

How does Robotic Surgery Work?

The surgery is not carried out by the robot. Instead, the surgeon uses the robotic system for planning and execution of the procedure. The surgeon is in charge at all times, and the robot allows for greater accuracy than conventional surgical methods. A computerized 3D real-time image of the patient’s knee is generated while in the operating room. This model is used by the robot to design the patient’s particular surgical strategy. Based on the planning the surgery can be performed using a burr system for bone preparation. This technology specifies the precise dimensions and positioning of the knee implant during surgery. This enables the surgeon to make the required adjustments and improve the placement and fit new joints.

Why choose the Robotic Procedures?

In comparison to conventional surgery, robotic-assisted knee replacement has several benefits.

  • Enhanced surgical planning. Specialized 3-D real-time images are taken in preparation for or during surgery. These images help surgeons more accurately plan the optimal type and placement of the patient’s replacement joint to ensure the right size and fit.
  • Greater precision. Robotic technologies enhance the surgeon’s expertise for more precise planning, bone cut, and implant placement. This can cause fewer complications and faster recovery.
  • Better ligament balancing throughout the range of movement.
  • Lesser tissue damage, lesser discomfort, lesser blood loss, and faster recovery are the results of using next-generation robotics, which have smaller incisions.
  • Improves the alignment, from hip, knee to ankle joint.

The Recovery Process post Robotic Knee Replacement. The Robotic knee replacement system helps for optimal positioning and ligament balancing which in turn helps in faster and better recovery ensuring near-normal movement. Post-surgery, the surgeon and the rest of the care team at Apollo monitor the patient’s progress, help relieve discomfort or pain and chart a course for the patient’s at-home recovery.

Apollo Hospitals are constantly upgrading their advanced robotic systems and expanding their orthopaedic procedures.

Apollo Hospitals, ensure absolute safety measures for patients by providing care and comfort with the better outcomes, benchmarked against best centre’s in the world.

About Doctor Shiva Reddy

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Dr.Shivareddy H A, has done his MBBS, D’ORTHO, MS ORTHO, FELLOW SHIP IN ARTHROPLASTY and has an extensive experience of 11 years as a consultant and as a surgeon in Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement. You can book an appointment for yourself or your family members online here – or by booking an appointment over a call at 9019963161



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