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The Advantages That Come With Eating Russet Potatoes

Potatoes are considered one of the most essential staple crops in the world, alongside rice and wheat. Russet potatoes, also known as baking potatoes or Idaho potatoes, are a type of starchy potato that are incredibly healthy as long as you do not cover them with toppings that are heavy in both fat and calories.


A single baked medium-sized russet potato with the skin has 168 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 37 grams of carbs, of which there are 4 grams of fiber. In addition, the potato has been baked. This is equivalent to ten percent of the daily intake for protein and sixteen percent of the daily value for fiber. The potato has both fiber and protein, which work together to make you feel fuller while consuming fewer calories. Additionally, there is some evidence that fiber can assist in reducing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and constipation.


You will receive 0.6 milligrams of vitamin B-6, which is equivalent to 31 percent of the daily value (DV), 14.4 milligrams of vitamin C, which is equivalent to 24 percent of the DV, and 0.6 milligrams of vitamin E and B vitamins include the likes of vitamin B-6, niacin, folate, thiamine, and riboflavin, amongst others. These vitamins assist in the transformation of the food you eat into usable energy and ensure that your nervous system is able to function normally. Vitamin C can help in protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals and is essential for the formation of new tissue and the healing of wounds.


Each medium Russet potato contains 0.6 milligrams of zinc, which is equivalent to four percent of the daily value (DV), 1.9 milligrams of iron, which is equivalent to ten percent of the DV, 52 milligrams of magnesium, 123 milligrams of phosphorus, which is equivalent to thirteen percent of the daily value, which is equal to twelve percent of the DV, and 31 milligrams of calcium, which is equivalent to three percent of the DV. Iron is necessary for the development of red blood cells as well as the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Magnesium, on the other hand, is essential for maintaining healthy heart, neuron, and immune system functions.


Russet potatoes are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of dishes. As a result of their poor ability to retain their shape after boiling, they are not a suitable choice for preparing potato salads or soups that contain pieces of potatoes. Instead of topping your baked potatoes with sour cream and butter, you may try sprinkling some salsa on top of them to reduce the amount of fat they contain and increase the number of vitamins they offer, cooking russet potatoes in ways that are healthier and lower in fat, examples of alternate preparation methods include substituting low-fat sour cream or buttermilk for full-fat dairy products when mashing potatoes, as well as baking French fries rather than frying them. When making pureed potato soup, a healthier approach would be to use chicken broth rather than cream the soup.



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