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What You Must Know Before Buying a Slow Juicer

You’ve finally bowed to pressure and decided to buy a slow juicer. You don’t want to pay high prices for freshly made juice. Before you start the search, there are some things you need to know. This might include where to buy slow juicer machine, the price, and many more. Let’s look at the things to consider when buying your slow juicer that can meet your needs.

Price of the machine

Since old, slow juice machines are created to slowly and gently separate the juice, they are more costly than centrifugal ones. There are many affordable machines, but be ready to pay a few hundred dollars for a good juicer.

Masticating vs. centrifugal

Juicers come in two types: masticating or centrifugal. This is the extraction technique. Cold slow juicers are masticating; if you are interested in this, you may narrow your choices to incorporate masticating juicers. Higher-speed spinning blades chop fruits and vegetables to extract the juice. While it’s fast, it can generate heat. Masticating juicer squeezes and crushes the ingredient. Even though this produces more juice, it makes a drier pulp that takes a long. You might need to spend a lot of time preparing the geed chute for small chopping produce.


While most juicers aren’t rewarded for their speed, it’s important to look at the power, particularly if you want to juice greens and celery. Go for models with over 400 watts.


Slow juicers come with different strainers that produce various juices and smoothies. The strainers can be used to make sauces, nut butter, and purees. Ensure you get the cleaning brushes if the machine comes with these accessories to keep the juicer clean.

Feed tube size

You only need to know where to buy a slow juicer machine that fits your needs. You’ll need to do less work if the tube is large, but you’ll have to do the chopping. For better flexibility, some juicers come with two sections, a large section for whole fruits and a small section for kale or celery.


Slow juices are costly home appliances. So, it’s important to look at the warranty details before you buy one. It guarantees that you’ll be satisfied for several years.

Ease of cleaning

Most parts of the slow juicers are hard to clean. Invest in dishwasher-safe parts or appliances with brushes to make sure you spend less time cleaning.


Slow juices come in two styles: vertical and horizontal. Vertical juicers are one-piece, which makes them easy to clean. Nevertheless, they have less power as compared to complicated horizontal slow juicers.



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