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Why should you always use filtered water for drinking?

Water is life, and we all are aware of the fact. But, did you ever think that this water could be fatal for you and cause severe diseases? If not, then please read through this article to know more about water disinfection and sterilization methods. It will be helpful for you to keep your family safe from these diseases.


Water-borne diseases

Many water-borne diseases can be hazardous to your health. First comes typhoid. The initial spreading story of typhoid is hazardous. It can spread through water and food. So, Mary used to work in an eatery and had typhoid. She kept making food and Washing dishes without proper hygiene maintenance and spread typhoid to over a thousand people in the meantime.


This one event was enough to infect the entire state with typhoid, and thousands of people died because of it. Once the doctors and epidemiologists tried to do the contact tracing, the source of infection came out. So, one unhygienic contact is enough to fall ill when it comes to water. After this event, healthcare professionals named her typhoid Mary to spread awareness regarding this factor.




Cholera is a hazardous water-borne disease. It nearly killed one-third of the population of the Indian subcontinent and during the first World war. Many countries used the Vibrio Cholerae bacteria as a bioweapon with anthrax, and it was a very successful attempt. Even in this modern and civilized world, people are dying because of cholera, and we cannot even ensure safe water for everyone.



Water disinfection methods


By now, it is clear that water-borne disease’s incidence rate is very high, and it can be perilous. So, ensuring water disinfection and clean water for your family is prioritized. Nowadays, various water disinfection methods are available these days, and it is very affordable.



Boiling is the most straightforward process of water disinfection. But, you have to follow a proper method to ensure the water is safe to drink. Make sure to use a clean pot to boil the water and wait at least fifteen minutes after the rolling boils come over the pot. It will kill all the bacteria and germs. But, you need to know that it is not an effective method to clean arsenic from water.


Halogen tablets.

Halogen, or the seventh group of the element chart, has a good quality of neutralizing heavy metals and arsenic. If you live in a country with more arsenic levels than average, it is an excellent option to use halogen to prevent arsenic poisoning. You only need to drop one tablet for twenty liters of water and leave it for about twenty minutes to dissolve it.


Once the tablet dissolves completely, you need to wait for a little to submerge all the dirt below the pitcher. Then you can transfer the clean water to another clean pot and drink it. Make sure to cover the water pot always to avoid any contamination.


Water treatment plants

If you want to supply clean drinking water to an entire city, you have to prepare for a larger scale. A slow sand technique is a good fit for it. You need to develop a large tank to store the water first for a few days. So, any heavy metal or dust will settle down in the bottom. There are multiple layers of purifying filters. It includes both the physical and chemical filters.


The physical filters will take out the impurities, and the biological filters will screen out any dangerous bacteria or viruses. This water is safe to drink and do any household works.



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