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Withdrawal of 789BET – How to do it and notes to remember

Many newbies also have difficulty in making 789BET withdrawals. Even many players have many failed transactions. The following article 789BET will guide you how to manipulate effectively, quickly and accurately!

1.How to withdraw 789BET

Withdrawal is the last action after the member has won the bet at the house. This method has been optimized by the platform to make it simple, anyone can do it. Specifically, how to withdraw 789BET as follows:

How to withdraw 789BET

Step 1: Enter the withdrawal order from 789BET

Bettors proceed to log in to their betting account at the official link of the house. Here, you observe the upper right corner has the “Withdrawal” section to conduct transactions at this playground.

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After clicking on “Withdraw” on the interface, the message “Money has been transferred to the main wallet, do you want to continue or not?”. Please select “Continue” to accept the money transfer request from the game account to the main wallet account. At this point, you can only withdraw money from your 789BET main wallet account to your bank.

Step 2: Complete the withdrawal order

After the transfer request at 789BET is approved, the member should continue to select the “Withdrawal” tab. After the new interface is displayed, enter the amount to withdraw. The amount entered must be less than the balance in the account. Then, click “Withdraw” to continue to move to the next procedure.

Select the bank, the bank account number that the bettors want to receive money. In it, make sure the recipient’s name matches the bank account holder. Then, enter the withdrawal code => Withdraw money to your account.

2.Note when Withdrawing 789BET

When making a 789BET withdrawal, participants need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

Note when Withdrawing 789BET

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50,000VND, there is no limit to the maximum withdrawal amount. Each member can only withdraw money up to 3 times/day. Particularly, VIP members of the house will be able to withdraw a larger amount, the corresponding VIP level will be higher. If the customer does not participate in any promotion program, they can withdraw money at any time.

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The house 789BET has the right to view all members’ accounts.

Members need to ensure that the bank account number information or any other player information is not changed during the implementation. If the system detects that the receiving account has been changed, the entire bonus amount will be blocked.

The house side regularly changes the deposit / withdrawal account to ensure safety during the playing process of customers. When withdrawing 789BET, you need to update the new account number provided by the unit. If you have a problem, you should immediately contact 789BET’s Customer Care policy for support as well as to get your account back.

3.Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Withdrawal 789BET

In the process of responding and answering to players, the 789BET consulting team – 789BETs has received many questions related to the 789BET withdrawal operation. Some of the questions that receive the most attention from players are:

Screenshot 2

Frequently asked questions about Withdrawal 789BET

3.1 After withdrawing, how long will the money be in the account?

Answer: At the 789BET bookie platform, to confirm the transaction to make a withdrawal will take about 5-10 minutes. This is also the standard time period, applied to transactions through banks.

For the cases where the bank account is not on the list associated with the bookie, or the platform is in the maintenance period, the time will be longer. This is an issue that bettors should pay attention to to ensure effective trade execution.

3.2 Why is the betting account deducted?

Answer: The reason for the problem of the member’s account at 789BET being deducted may be because the bettor’s account has been taken advantage of by bad guys. Or it is also possible that during the 789BET withdrawal process, the fraudulent bettor was detected by the system, so the entire member’s money was deducted. For this situation, you should actively contact through a team of consultants for detailed and specific support and advice.

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3.3 How to fill in the wrong account information?

Answer: In this case, it is imperative that members contact 789BET’s call center for support on how to fix it. However, it will take you more time to do it. Therefore, be very careful, double-check the information when operating to avoid errors.

Through the above article, I hope you know how to withdraw 789BET. In the process of implementation, it is necessary to read carefully the information, learn the details to avoid problems and errors arising. Let’s learn the details to know how to do it correctly, quickly and effectively!



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