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Do you need botox to look young in your sixties?

Holding on to the tight skin and beautiful face is the ultimate dream for many. But, aging, stress, pollution, and other genetic factors make it impossible to look like your twenties forever. But, science doesn’t stop its search for the perfect solution to this problem. As a result, nowadays, we see many beauty experts and celebrities using botox to be beautiful forever.


What is botox?

If you are wondering about botox, then first know that botox is not a generic name of some miracle drug. Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin from the clostridium bacterias. It became so popular in the beauty industry that people often confuse botox with botulinum toxin.


Mechanism of action


You must be wondering how this botox or botulinum toxin stops the aging process. Well, the answer is negative. Botox does not stop your aging process or reverse it at all. Once you inject the toxin on your skin, it will activate the two subtypes of the botulinum toxin. Subtype A is essential for producing toxic action, and subtype B will ensure proper binding with the receptors.


Then, these toxins will convert into a severe neurotoxin to paralyze the muscle cells permanently. You can compare the process with cellular freezing or keeping frozen snacks on your refrigerator.



Is it permanent?

Earlier, botox was permanent, and you could not reverse its action. So, once botox, your skin will be permanently stern and smooth. But, nowadays, there are many strengths of this toxin available in the market. So, you can choose the duration and degree of muscle paralysis depending on your conditions.


Side effects

When you are paralyzing your muscles permanently, there Will be some side effects, and there will be no alterations about the botox. The most common side effect of botox is aging itself. Once you paralyze the muscles of your face, it will not show typical signs of aging, but the other body parts will. So, you will end up with an asymmetrical face and body. Also, most people end up doing botox only for the face, and the neck remains the same, which may disrupt the aesthetic value of botox in the first place.


What are the alternatives?

If you want to stay young for a longer time, you can follow some healthier alternatives in your day-to-day life. One of them is to eat healthy foods.


Healthy diet

If you avoid only red meat and sugar, it can slow your aging process for five years or more cumulatively. Sugar and especially white sugar, is familiar as the white poison. It is a widespread cellular toxin that destroys the normal cells through oxidative stress. You can replace the sugar with honey.


Honey has a lot of natural antioxidants and cell-protective chemicals. So, when you take honey instead of sugar, it provides double benefits. First, you’re getting rid of the toxic effects of sugar, and honey is adding to your cellular youth.


Natural beauty therapy.


Ayurveda or natural beauty Medicine has been around for centuries now, and even today, where medical science needs an alternative approach, scientists prefer to look at the natural medicine branch. Regular use of turmeric, sandals and azelaic acid will keep your skin young and beautiful for years.


Also, you will have to try to avoid stress, stay positive, and work actively as much as you can. Beauty is not an outsider thing. It will reflect on your face when you feel beautiful from the inside. Once you can work on this regimen, you will start seeing a lot of positive changes on your appearance.



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