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HealthTap Telehealth Partners With Quest Diagnostics

HealthTap Telehealth is a national telehealth provider that provides 24/7 access to board-certified doctors. It also has an extensive library of medical questions answered by qualified specialists, as well as an AI-powered symptom checker which helps users determine if they need to see a physician.

Traditional healthcare services are only available Monday through Friday from 9-5, which may not be convenient for some patients. That is why telehealth solutions like HealthTap are becoming increasingly popular.

24/7 Access

HealthTap Telehealth provides 24/7 access to qualified doctors around the world. Members can book video consultations, chat/text with them for urgent care issues and obtain prescriptions or lab tests directly on the platform.

The company provides a free, AI-powered symptom checker that quickly diagnoses and triages symptoms to provide more accurate diagnoses for patients. Additionally, they have collected an archive of questions answered by doctors to assist consumers in making an informed decision about their healthcare.

Anyone in the US has access to this service. It allows users to consult with doctors over a secure network, using either their computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Most major medical insurance plans are accepted as well, along with lab test orders and prescriptions.

AI-Powered Symptom Checker

HealthTap Telehealth provides 24/7 access to board-certified doctors via text or video chat, with wait times of one minute or less. It also features a library of questions answered by doctors and an AI-powered symptom checker that helps patients determine if they need to see a physician.

AI-powered symptom checkers are an emerging technology that can be utilized to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits for non-emergent issues. These tools use natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyze free-text symptom descriptions, then assess patient inputs to produce differential diagnoses and care recommendations across a variety of care pathways.

A study revealed that patients reported a positive impact on their health after using a symptom checker. Users claimed the tool helped them distinguish when to seek medical help based on symptoms and severity, as well as helping them decide where should seek help.


HealthTap Telehealth provides doctors in the United States who can write prescriptions and suggest tests to diagnose conditions.

HealthTap’s doctor network is built upon strong medical licensing and NPI numbers in good standing, with the purpose of offering comprehensive, high-quality care to their patients. At present, they have over 140,000 physicians and specialists available online for appointments.

Members have the option to receive one-on-one consultations at a fixed flat fee or subscribe to the Prime plan which offers unlimited visits at a discounted rate. Furthermore, there are other plans that allow members to save money on recurring consultations and prescriptions.

HealthTap Telehealth also provides an AI-powered symptom checker to give users insights into their health problems. While this service may be beneficial when you don’t have time or money for a doctor’s visit, remember that this service does not substitute or substitute a personal doctor visit and should only be used as primary care.

Lab Tests

Telehealth company TeleMD recently joined forces with Quest Diagnostics, one of the nation’s largest networks for lab tests.

HealthTap’s network of doctors will now be able to easily order a variety of medical lab test options on behalf of their patients. Results can be viewed and interpreted on a patient’s smart phone or tablet, providing both parties with a win-win scenario.

Telemedicine technology from HealthTap allows Quest laboratory tests to be delivered directly to doctors’ offices, homes or on-the-go with ease via their app. More remarkably, results are shared instantly over a secure connection for smooth transactions. Ultimately, this combination of telemedicine capabilities and Quest’s impressive offerings will allow physicians to provide more effective care to their patients in an increasingly virtual world – taking the old adage “prevention is the best medicine” to its next level.



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