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Here’s Why You Should See Your Dentist Regularly

Most people hate going to the dentist, and we can’t blame you. It’s not always a pleasant time, and procrastinating your next visit is a common thing. But you only get one set of natural teeth, so it’s best to not skip seeing your Berwick dentist, and this is why. 

Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease

There is research showing that having your teeth professionally cleaned can help reduce your risk for heart attacks and strokes. This is due to chronic inflammation of the gums, so with regular cleaning, you can reduce this issue and improve blood vessel function throughout the body. 

Detect Oral Cancer Sooner

Oral cancers are a very serious health threat and can be hard to treat if found too late. When you undertake regular dental check-ups, they can catch signs of oral cancer and organise treatment sooner rather than later. Some common signs of oral cancer include sores that don’t heal, white patches on gums and unusual bleeding. Whenever you see a dentist, it’s your job to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

Prevent & Treat Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a gum disease that can cause issues in the mouth. Gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease where tartar builds up on the gumline and under the gums. This contributes to inflammation which is bad for the overall health, but can actually cause a lot of pain when eating too.  

Less Tooth Loss

The more regular cleanings you do, the more you can prevent gum diseases that lead to tooth loss. For example, gingivitis can destroy the gum and bone, which is the support system for the teeth. Tooth decay can also cause tooth loss, and so can extreme damage to the teeth. When you lose your natural teeth, you have to sometimes get dentures which can be stressful and costly. 

Detect & Treat Cavities Sooner

Cavities aren’t just painful, but they can be a serious health issue when left untreated. Cavities can cause infections, and the infections can then cause issues, as they can spread to the bloodstream and cause septicaemia. This is a serious disease, so keep an eye out for your cavity treatments. 

X-Rays Can Find Problems Fast

Dental X-rays allow your dentist to find any issues with your teeth and gums that can’t be seen on the surface. This includes bone issues, tooth decay, impacted teeth, tumours and more. By treating these conditions early, you can avoid major surgeries and pain. 

Instil Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Not only do you lead by example for your children when you get regular dental checks, but they can also learn about how helpful a dentist is to overall health. Your dentist can teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques and start them off on the right foot for the future. 

Reduce Inflammation Overall

Inflammation isn’t just painful, but it’s also a sign of chronic health issues. So, if you want to make eating, talking and drinking easier on yourself, you can find the root cause of inflammation when you visit the dentist. Most of the time, it’s a quick fix as well, if caught early, so don’t skimp on your teeth. 

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